Everyone knows where to get weed in LA. But where can you get the best weed, the biggest laughs and the family you wish you had? Inside a low end medical marijuana dispensary in Hollywood, California, at a place called the Dharma Collective. It may not be the classiest medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles, but it is the funniest.

Dharma Collective is owned by fearless zen leader OM, a mellow guy with a secret lonely streak; it's staffed by kickass roller-derby chick TINA KUSH, wannabe playa RAJ, single struggling actress SAM and hipster music producer ATARI. Hanging around to dispense wisdom and keep everyone uh...busy... is SARGE, a man who may or may not have fought in a war, once, somewhere.

Our gang serves up the best stuff to everyone from clowns to celebrities, gamers to gurus, ex-burlesque dancers to ex-wives… as they get high- and hopefully find their higher purpose.